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SinnReich – An Interactive Exhibition on the Topic of Perception

June 15 – July 11, 2018

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The Debate: Plastic Waste – A Global Problem

Plastic has become a fixture of our everyday lives – and a serious ecological problem. Started on July 1, 2018, the online platform “The Debate” explains and discusses this issue.

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Disappearing Legacies: The World as a Forest

The exhibition confronts the destruction of tropical habitats in the context of deforestation, climate change, and mass extinction.

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Private Song

Performance — August 24 – August 26, 2018
In her work that will now be presented in Berlin, Alexandra Bachzetsis deals with social norms that control gestures, both in everyday life and onstage.

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AIS³ [aiskju:b]

Exhibition — August 28 – September 16, 2018
The walk-in light and sound installation “AIS³ [aiskju:b]” of 444 luminescent spherical loudspeakers by the conceptual artist and composer Tim Otto Roth is both “Gesamtkunstwerk” and a psycho-acoustic basic experiment.

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Werkstatt Technik-Fortschritt

Workshop — August 30 – September 02, 2018
“Projekt Bauhaus” holds a four-day workshop during which teams will develop positions on what progress means today.

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Template: Art in Public Space in Bucharest

Exhibition — May 12 – August 16, 2018
The winning project of the annual "" competition "Template" shows works by international contemporary artists in vacant shops in Bucharest.

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On Display - An Artistic View on Computational Neuroscience

Symposium — September 26 – September 28, 2018
The interdisciplinary art project "On Display - An Artistic View on Computational Neuroscience” features a new piece by Yutaka Makino that questions the human perception we take for granted.

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Video — June 18, 2018

Videomitschnitt: Roboter & Spinnen

Hybrid Encounters

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Audio — June 08, 2018

Tomas Saraceno und Gäste


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For the time being, we focus on our own projects and programs.
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