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Exhibition "Prototypes - Bionics and Looking to Nature"
Photo: © Festo AG Co. KG

Exhibition "Prototypes - Bionics and Looking to Nature"
Photo: © Festo AG Co. KG

In the field of science, the Schering Stiftung focuses its funds on the life sciences.

We are currently rethinking our funding guidelines. There is no possibility to apply for funding for the years 2018 and 2019. For the time being, we focus on our own projects and programs.

Our general criteria for funding in science are:

What we do fund:

  • projects at the interface of different life sciences disciplines or of life sciences and art
  • projects that promote and connect young scientists
  • projects that promote the dialogue between science and society
  • project funding is contingent on the nonprofit status of the applying, German-based organization

What we do not fund:

  • research projects (outside our own programs)
  • conferences, congresses, symposia or summer schools outside of our own projects
  • individual fellowships outside of our own fellowship programs (no stipends for pupils, bachelor’s or master’s degree students, doctoral candidates or postdocs, no travel stipends)
  • institutional funding
  • printing subsidies for publications
  • individual travel or staff allowances outside of a project funding
  • costs for attending congresses, conferences or workshops/training seminars
  • projects that require long-term funding from the foundation


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