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Photo: Michael Pogorzhelski

Photo: Michael Pogorzhelski

Einstein-Schering Circle

"Life Imaging"

Einstein-Schering Circle

"Life Imaging"

Technological progress yields a wealth of applications and devices in the field of imaging techniques, which can also be put to meaningful use outside and beyond their original contexts – for example, in the life sciences/medicine in robotic surgery. The Einstein-Schering Circle “Life Imaging” explores the possibilities and challenges that result from the use of modern imaging techniques in this field.

Images are increasingly integrated into procedures and control processes, raising new challenges. Digital processes need to be referred back to and connected to individual bodies.

What visual aesthetics is required by the visualization of dynamic processes? How can body and image be meaningfully linked via new imaging and sensory technologies (e.g., transparent screens)? How are such digital images simultaneously connected with the spaces in which they are used and with the bodies and their material characteristics? And how do we have to shape modern-day technologies to facilitate the image-based interaction for users?

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Claudia Blümle, Director of the Institute for Art and Visual History at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and through the cooperation between media and image research, life sicences, and technology research, analyses of shaping and applying new image-based technologies are linked with media and action theories. The Circle aims to build a closer network between the relevant players in the region and to develop a concept for a joint long-term scientific project.

The Einstein-Schering Circle is a program of the Schering Stiftung and the Einstein Stiftung Berlin. The program offers Berlin-based scientists the opportunity to enter into a self-organized, cross-institutional, and theme-based cooperation in Berlin and beyond. Thematically, the Einstein-Schering Circle focuses on basic research in the life sciences, engaging in an intensive dialogue with experts from the natural sciences, the humanities, cultural studies, and the social sciences.

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