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With All Our Senses

How We Interact With One Another

With All Our Senses

How We Interact With One Another

Date & Venue:
Oktober 9, 2018 & February 19, 2019:
Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften

November 14, 2018 & March 14, 2019:
Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin

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How do hearing, smelling, and touching define our behavior? How does nonverbal communication affect how we experience the world? And how do our senses influence our common life in society? Every day, we encounter other people and new situations. We perceive our world with all our senses, and our perceptions become associated with emotions and attitudes.
The Akademienunion (Union of German Academies of Sciences and Humanities) and the Schering Stiftung cordially invite you to our four-part evening series in which you can find out more about the world of the senses and how they affect our common life in society. These events are organized in collaboration with the Museum of Communication in Berlin.

Events in this series

(In)visible Worlds

Event — March 14, 2019
Is our view of the world really an objective one, or is what we see, in fact, a construct of our brain? And what challenges do we face when communicating with machines?

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Worlds of Touch

Event — February 19, 2019
Why is touch so important for human beings? What role does it play for our social lives? And how do touch and emotions impact each other?

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Worlds of Taste

Panel discussion — November 14, 2018
How do smelling and tasting affect social identity and distinction? How do they affect social integration and cohesion?

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Sound Worlds

Panel discussion — October 09, 2018
What effect does music have on us and our social encounters?

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Program of the events in 2019

Program of the events in 2018

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This Project is realized in cooperation with the following partners:

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

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