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Revival – WUNDERKAMMER: Mushrooms

Why we are not individuals

Revival – WUNDERKAMMER: Mushrooms

Why we are not individuals


September 29 – October 01, 2022, 7 p.m.


Neuer St. Jacobi Friedhof and Kiezkapelle Neukölln
Hermannstr. 99-105
12051 Berlin

Tickets à 15 Euro/8 Euro (reduced) via Neuköllner Oper

We meet fascinating creatures at the autumnal Prinzessinnen-Garten. They make us marvel, sing, and see the world differently. Whatever you thought about mushrooms: mushrooms and humans are an inseparable team.

They are everywhere: in, around and between us. They keep us alive, break down pollutants in the atmosphere, change animal and plant behavior, and influence how humans feel and think. What’s more, mushrooms and expecially mycelia, their subterranean network of filaments, show fascinating patterns of intelligence, communication, and organization – including the fact that we are not individuals in the classical sense of the word. Do they offer inspiration to cope with the challenges of our time?

Together with the mycologist, microbiologist, and artist Vera Meyer and Jens Krause, an expert on swarm and organizational forms, as well as musicians, we embark on a journey through gardens, a chapel and a cemetery, becoming part of structures and a music that – from simply canons to complex polyphony – is a sensual mirror of what we experience.


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Pilze stehen an der Grenze zwischen Leben und Tod. Stirbt ein Lebewesen, zersetzen sie seine Biomasse, so Vera Meyer, Professorin für Angewandte und Molekulare Mikrobiologie an der Technischen Universität Berlin. Die Pilzforscherin hatte kürzlich zusammen mit der Schering Stiftung zu einer Exkursion auf den Neuen Sankt-Jacobi-Friedhof in Berlin eingeladen, um sich passenderweise dort der Welt der Pilze zu nähern.

Jennifer Evans: “Pilze sind erfolgreiche Netzwerker”, in: Pharmazeutische Zeitung. Die Zeitschrift der deutschen Apotheker, 7.11.2022

The speakers 

Vera Meyer is a biotechnologist and professor at the Technical University of Berlin, where she heads the Department of Applied and Molecular Microbiology. In her scientific research with fungi, she combines methods from the field of synthetic biology and systems biology in order to be able to produce drugs, proteins, platform chemicals and, more recently, building materials from fungi in the sense of a sustainable bioeconomy.  In addition, Vera Meyer is active as an artist under the pseudonym V. meer. In her artistic works, she translates the transformation and metabolic potential of her research objects into mushroom sculptures whose philosophical tone is subtle but unmistakable: nothing disappears in nature, everything is transformation.


After a diploma degree at FU Berlin and a PhD thesis at the University of Cambridge, Jens Krause spent several years doing research at Mount Allison University in Canada and Princeton University in the USA before taking up a professorship at Leeds University in England. Since 2009, Jens Krause has been a professor of fish ecology at HU Berlin and at the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries. He has been a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities since 2014.




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