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II. Rheinsberger Opernwerkstatt

II. Rheinsberger Opernwerkstatt
Photo: © Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg

II. Rheinsberger Opernwerkstatt
Photo: © Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg

For the second time the Rheinsberg Opera Workshop offers an opportunity for young composers and librettists to stage six opera scenes under the direction of experienced mentors. On August 12, 2005, these scenes will be performed for the first time in the Rheinsberg Castle Theater under the motto “Dream Me Awake.”

Professor Siegfried Matthus, composer and artistic director of the “Rheinsberg Castle Chamber Opera” international opera festival, initiated the 1st Rheinsberg Opera Workshop in 2001. The results were presented to a critical audience in the summer of 2004. Rheinsberg prides itself, with good reason, on the fact that already two of the operas created here have made it to the opera stage: “The Patient” by Thomas Bartel was performed in April of this year in Regensburg, and Alex Nowitz was commissioned to present his “Bestmannoper” (Best Man Opera) in May 2006 in Osnabrück.

For the 2nd Opera Workshop, 11 young talented artists were selected from more than 50 applications. A composer and a librettist pair up to work on an opera scene. “The best teacher is to do things yourself. … I am very happy when I observe how the librettists, composers and interpreters argue about certain details of the score and its stage realization and search for the best effect?even without any help or guidance from me,” writes Professor Matthus in his preface to the program of the 1st Opera Workshop.

With its unique concept, the Rheinsberg Opera Workshop offers young, highly talented librettists and composers the opportunity to gain practical staging knowledge which is not taught in the regular curriculum. The Rheinsberg Opera Workshop thus not only makes an important contribution to the professional development of librettists and composers, it also offers a forum to create new opera works that are contemporary both in subject matter and performance style. By creating something new and promoting talented young opera artists in unique ways, the workshop serves both as a model and laboratory. Therefore, the Schering Stiftung has decided to support the 2nd Rheinsberg Opera Workshop.

6 scenes from the following operas will premiere on August 12 and 13, 2005:

“Dark Red”
Music: Karola Obermüller
Libretto: Gabriele Strassmann

“Grete Minde”
A Female Kohlhaas
Music: Sören Nils Eichberg
Libretto: Constanze John

“Morbus Teutonicus”
Scenes from the Third Reich
Music: Alexander Strauch
Libretto: Siegfried Gerlich

Music: Peter Francesco Marino
Libretto: Gabriele Strassmann

“Tom-Cat, Tell Me a Fairy-Tale”
Music: Mario Wiegand
Libretto: Marec Bela Steffens

Music: Peter Sabbagh
Libretto: Volkhardt Preuß


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