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Florian Kahles

Friedmund Neumann Prize 2020

Florian Kahles

Friedmund Neumann Prize 2020

Incretins are endogenous hormones that are involved in the regulation of the blood sugar level. Their production in the cells of the intestinal mucosa is stimulated by food intake. This mode of action is used, for example, in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients.
The physician Florian Kahles could show in his research work that these incretin hormones can also have a protective effect. In cardiovascular diseases, the body produces more of these hormones. This reduces inflammatory processes and improves heart function.

Florian Kahles wants to understand the exact mechanisms of action of these incretin hormones on the immune system and currently focuses his research on the investigation of the molecular mechanisms underlying this interaction between incretin hormone secretion and immune cells in the gut.

“The work as a clinician and researcher at the same time is without doubt a great challenge and a tour de force, but I am very enthusiastic about it. It is fascinating to be able to directly and scientifically investigate relevant questions that arise in everyday clinical practice. It’s a particularly great feeling when the experiments in the laboratory deliver potentially clinically useful results,” says Florian Kahles about his work.

Florian Kahles will receive the Friedmund Neumann Prize 2020 for his outstanding and groundbreaking research work. He has been nominated for the Friedmund Neumann Prize 2020 by the Director and Professor of Medical Clinic I of University Hospital Aachen, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Marx: “Dr. Florian Kahles is a successful young scientist who is working on the basic science and clinical aspects of the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases. He combines all the qualities of a ClinicianScientist and I am delighted that his groundbreaking work will be honored with the Ernst Schering Foundation’s Friedmund Neumann Prize 2020”.

A five-member jury of renowned scientists* singled out Kahles’ research work among all the nominations:
Prof. Alexander Bartelt (Professor of Cardiovascular Metabolism, LMU Munich), Prof. Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel (Professor of Biochemistry, University of Bristol), Prof. Max Löhning (Professor of Immunology, German Rheumatism Research Center Berlin), Prof. Philipp Sterzer (Professor of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Charité Berlin) and Prof. Hermann A. Wegner (Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Giessen)

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Side events 

Lecture to high school students: Incretins - endogenous protective hormones from the intestine

October 01, 2020
Dr. Florian Kahles

OSZ Lise-Meitner-Schule, Berlin-Neukölln (not open to the public)


Florian Kahles is a successful young scientist who is engaged in the basic scientific and clinical research of the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases. He combines all the characteristics of a ClinicianScientist.

Prof. Nikolaus Marx

With his research, Florian Kahles was able to demonstrate a hitherto unknown anti-inflammatory and vascular-protective effect of incretin. This breakthrough in basic research is an excellent basis for a career in translational research. I wish him all the best for his future work in this fruitful field combining his clinical and scientific Talents.

Dr. Katja Naie

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Video — September 30, 2020

Ausschnitt der Preisverleihung

Friedmund Neumann Preis 2020 an Florian Kahles

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Gallery — September 30, 2020

Impressionen von der Preisverleihung

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Award Ceremony 

Award ceremony — September 17, 2020

Schering Stiftung awards the Ernst Schering Prize to the physician and metabolism researcher Jens C. Brüning. The physician Florian Kahles will be awarded with the Friedmund Neumann Prize.

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Press text Friedmund Neumann Prize 2020

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