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Dr. Johannes Köster

Dr. Johannes Köster

Dr. Johannes Köster

Dr. Johannes Köster

Dr. Köster with some team members

Dr. Köster with some team members
Photo: Stefan Arend

Johannes Köster

Friedmund Neumann Prize 2019

Johannes Köster

Friedmund Neumann Prize 2019

Biomedical datasets, which are obtained, for example, from genome analysis or imaging procedures, are voluminous and complex. It takes many individual analysis steps to understand and interpret these experimentally collected data and to produce biomedical insights. The bioinformatician Dr. Johannes Köster, group leader at the Institute of Human Genetics of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Duisburg-Essen, has developed software solutions that structure and automate the process of data analysis and thus lead to replicable and repeatable results. With “Snakemake,” Dr. Köster is providing biomedical practitioners with free software that formalizes and automates data analysis. In addition, Johannes Köster has also established the “Bioconda” project, which provides the world’s leading mechanism for sustainably distributing bioinformatics software.

As part of his current research, he is developing a unified theory for the statistical analysis of mutations in the genome with a particular focus on the interpretable and transparent identification of measurement uncertainties. Johannes Köster’s work thus supports the reproducibility of data analysis and enhances quality assurance in biomedicine.

For his outstanding research, Dr. Johannes Köster receives the 2019 Friedmund Neumann Prize.

Johannes Köster was nominated for the 2019 Friedmund Neumann Prize by Prof. Dr. Sven Rahmann, Chair of Genome Informatics at the Institute of Human Genetics of the University of Duisburg-Essen. “Johannes Köster’s work is enormously varied and comprises both theoretical models and very practical software tools for biomedical data analysis. The reproducibility of such analyses is extremely important for the credibility of biomedical research. Johannes Köster has laid the essential groundwork on which many researchers worldwide are now able to build,” says Rahmann.

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Side events 

Lecture to high school students: Science at the Interface of Computer Science, Biology and Medicine

September 25, 2019
Johannes Köster

OSZ Lise-Meitner-Schule, Berlin-Neukölln (not open to the public)

Award Ceremony 2019 

Award ceremony — September 24, 2019

Schering Stiftung awards Ernst Schering Prize to the molecular biologist Patrick Cramer. The bioinformatician Johannes Köster will be awarded with the Friedmund Neumann Prize.

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Invitation Card: Award Ceremony

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