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Photo: Jarno Drost

Organoids in Cancer Research

Photo: Jarno Drost

Organoids in Cancer Research


September 06, 2018, 4 p.m.


Integrated Research Institute for the Life Sciences
Michaelis Bldg. 18
Maud Menten Hall (3rd floor)
Philippstr. 13
10115 Berlin

The lecture will be in English.

Registration is not required.

The IRI Life Sciences at Humboldt University Berlin hosts a lecture on “Organoids in Cancer Research” by Dr. Jarno Drost, Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology in Utrecht. In his lecture, the molecular biologist will talk about his research on pediatric kidney tumors using organoid technology.

Kidney cancers represent approximately seven percent of all cancer diagnoses among children. Although the overall survival rates have significantly increased, certain high risk subgroups still have a very poor prognosis. The molecular mechanisms underlying the high-risk cases are unknown and the focus of the research of Jarno Drost. Pediatric kidney cancer-derived organoids will be established and used for genetic characterization, drug discovery and the development of assays predicting treatment outcome.

The lecture takes place as part of the IRI-Schering Colloquium on “Organoids – Life in 3D,” which is offered at the IRI Life Sciences during the 2018 summer semester.

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