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Computational and Experimental Molecular Biology Meet

8. Berlin Summer Meeting

Computational and Experimental Molecular Biology Meet

8. Berlin Summer Meeting


June 04, 2015


Pufendorfstraße 11
10249 Berlin

Eine Anmeldung ist bis zum Veranstaltungstermin möglich.

This international conference under the umbrella title “Computational and Experimental Molecular Biology Meet” was initiated in 2008 by the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin-Buch and has since been held annually with great success. This year, the event is organized in cooperation with the Integrative Research Institute (IRI) for the Life Sciences at Humboldt University of Berlin. Featuring international speakers, it explores the topic of “Localization of Cellular Processes.”

The conference aims for a systematic understanding of the spatial and temporal organization of cellular processes and at identifying the underlying molecular mechanisms. Shedding light on the coordinated localization and compartmentalization of biological processes in eukaryotic cells is a major challenge for systems biology.

This requires a combination of experimental and theoretical-analytical approaches that are reflected in the focus areas of the conference:

  • organization of nuclear processes
  • RNA localization
  • local translation and post-translational localization of proteins
  • localized signal processes

So far, neither textbooks nor internships have dealt with these new research areas and findings, technical and methodological approaches sufficiently or in this thematic context. The 2015 Berlin Summer Meeting provides especially young scientists with focused insights into a dynamic and internationally highly competitive field of research as well as with the unique opportunity to enter into a dialogue with international experts in these disciplines.

To foster communication during the meeting, notably between young and experienced scientists, students can participate in a “Meet the Expert” dialogue. To this end, they are given a lot of time during the poster sessions to present their data and current research and to gain inspiration and ideas for further developing their research topics. In addition, four poster prizes are awarded to young scientists.
The participants’ expertise and the scientific exchange at the Berlin Summer Meeting gives fresh impetus to the research community in Berlin and facilitates international collaboration discussions. Gaining inspiration and the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas are other important aspects for both researchers and students.

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