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Christoph Kern,

Christoph Kern, "Fluor"
Photo: © Christoph Kern

Workshop on “Representability”

Christoph Kern, "Fluor"
Photo: © Christoph Kern

Workshop on “Representability”

The workshop deals with problems of visual representability from an interdisciplinary perspective. The event will kick off with a lecture titled “Visual Perspectives in the Invisible” by Jannis Neumann (student of art education and biology), Prof. Dr. Ansgar Schnurr (Institute for Art Didactics), and Prof. Dr. Hermann A. Wegner (Institute for Organic Chemistry) of JLU. They will present the findings of a transdisciplinary project made possible by the Schering Stiftung. In this project, the epistemological methodologies of the fine arts and of organic chemistry intersected in an experimental research setting: Understood as a conceptual art project, sculptures the size of a molecule were modeled using the tools of chemistry, while an epistemological principle of art, the so-called central perspective, was translated to the chemical analytical framework.

The problem of visual representability is one that connects politics, society, and the visual media. What is clear is that imperatives of decency and pudency, acts of censorship and iconoclasm, affirmations of feasibility and visual evidence compete and intersect with each other when it comes to the possibilities and limitations of representability. What may, can, must or should be offered to be seen how and by whom? Exploring these questions raises intercultural difficulties and interdisciplinary challenges.

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