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Photo: Ante Hamersmit, unsplash

Have We Taken Leave of Our Senses?

Photo: Ante Hamersmit, unsplash

Have We Taken Leave of Our Senses?

In a time when global challenges such as pandemics, climate crisis, and conflicts define our daily lives, we are confronted with the question of how these crises influence our perception. Our senses open the doors to the world. They help us navigate through turbulent times, to understand and even master them.

The event series “Have We Taken Leave of Our Senses?” invites you to explore the role and meaning of our senses – hearing, seeing, touching, smelling– in this changing world. Each event is dedicated to a particular sense and offers insights from science and art to help us discover how our sensory experience shapes our resilience and our social lives.

Accompany us on this journey of discovery through the world of the senses to perhaps gain a new perspective on the challenges of our time.

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Dialogue — July 11, 2024

In a world where images of conflicts and crises define our everyday lives, how do we deal with these powerful media?

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Dialogue — March 21, 2024

Discover the power of music: from signals in the brain to connections to nature, our experts reveal how sounds connect and strengthen us.

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