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21.12.2016, Berlin | Since January 2016, the association MitMachMusik has offered music lessons at several collective accommodation centers for refugees in Berlin and Potsdam. Twice a week, professional musicians visit the centers to make music with refugee children and teenagers: small children can participate in singing and dancing groups, while older children and teenagers can play on borrowed instruments. Especially talented children and teenagers can use the instruments for independent practice; they also receive individual lessons once a week in addition to the ensembles. Local children from the neighborhood are also invited to participate in the ensembles and lessons.

Many refugee children and teenagers have been unable to attend school in the war areas they have fled and thus arrive in Germany with educational deficits. Traumatized by experiences of war and forced migration, they need to be integrated emotionally, linguistically, culturally, and intellectually. The project MitMachMusik tries to build trust with the youngest children through singing, dancing, and rhythm exercises, strengthen their self-confidence, and enhance their language skills and ability to concentrate. Instrumental lessons and ensembles allow the older children a break from their monotonous days in the accommodation centers. At regular intervals, there are little MitMachMusik concerts with the participation of parents and other adult refugees. Refugees who have received music training in their countries of origin can get involved as MitMachMusik teachers. In the medium term, the idea is to build contacts with nearby music schools to develop joint performance projects outside of the collective accommodation centers. For the new arrivals, this nuanced approach is an important first step towards integration, which is why the Schering Stiftung enthusiastically supports the project.

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