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Workshops for Young Refugees

Workshops for Young Refugees


October 19, 2016

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Last year, many unaccompanied refugee minors arrived in Germany. These young people, mostly boys, are in a psychologically sensitive state: their initial residence status is uncertain and they have only limited opportunities for employment during the long waiting period. The Schering Stiftung, together with Jugendwohnen Kladow, an initiative sponsored by the Steglitz community center, has launched a project to provide these boys with more self-confidence and an early chance at integration through music and art courses. On October 25–28, 2016, it will host a comics workshop for refugee minors from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Gambia, and other countries.

The refugee minors experience enormous psychological distress. While they themselves have managed to flee, their families are often still living in war and crisis zones, so that they are primarily homesick and worried. At the same time, they want to settle in Germany, learn the language, and attend school. But this process cannot always happen as quickly as would be desirable. Therefore, it is important to offer these young refugees not only the pedagogical and organizational assistance provided by the staff of Jugendwohnen Kladow, but something to keep them busy during their leisure time

The workshops are designed to enable the boys to express themselves and to cope with their experiences through music and drawing in the safe space of the facility, and at the same time to discover the city and make contact with the people outside. This also enables them to more effectively learn German. Residents of Jugendwohnen Kladow and neighbors are to participate in equal numbers in the artist-led workshops. The results of the workshop will be presented, and celebrated with a party, at Jugendwohnen Kladow.

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