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Understanding Stem Cells

A conference for the classroom

Understanding Stem Cells

A conference for the classroom

Published in May 2017 and updated in April 2021, grade 10 and up, in cooperation with the German Stem Cell Network

Stem cell research is developing at such a rapid pace that biology textbooks can hardly keep up. The Schering Stiftung and the German Stem Cell Network are closing this gap through their newly developed teaching materials “Understanding Stem Cells: A conference for the classroom.” These materials can be downloaded for free at The materials were last updated in April 2021.

The four-part teaching unit provides teachers with fact-based knowledge about stem cells. The free materials allow senior grade students to actively delve into current stem cell research. Didactically enriched through elements of a scientific conference, the teaching materials deal with the topics of “Basics, Ethics, Therapeutics, and Genetics,” and are suited for immediate classroom use in biology and other subjects such as ethics. They offer explanatory texts, articles, graphs, exercise sheets, and concrete teaching suggestions. Students work to acquire the current knowledge on stem cells, formulate current research approaches, and reflect on ethical aspects. Using elements of a scientific conference, they present their newly gained knowledge to each other.

The teaching materials can be used on tablets and computers and are available free of charge at There, you can download the full document or individual sections as PDF files. Moreover, teachers can add to and edit the material.

The German Stem Cell Network and its scientific experts guarantee the quality of the material. The Schering Stiftung draws on its experience in science education to introduce young adults to current research topics through the use of new methodologies and to strengthen their interest in the natural sciences.

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English Version: Teaching Materials "Understanding Stem Cells" 

Richard Burt 

Teaching Materials — January 09, 2019

The teaching materials “Understanding Stem Cells" are now also available in English and can be downloaded for free.

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Lecture — December 04, 2018

The renowned stem cell researcher Richard Burt talks about his studies on the use of blood stem cells for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

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