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6th Max Planck “Visions in Science” Conference

Science and Society Session 2017

6th Max Planck “Visions in Science” Conference

Science and Society Session 2017


September 29, 2017


Ihnestraße 16-20
14195 Berlin

From September 29 to October 1, 2017, the sixth edition of the Max Planck PhDnet conference “Visions in Science” will take place at the Harnack House in Berlin. PhDnet is the network of doctoral researchers within the Max Planck Society that aims to connect and educate them as well as to represent their interests towards the Max Planck Society and third parties. This year’s “Visions in Science” conference entitled “Discover New Perspectives” features a so-called “Science & Society Session,” made possible by the Schering Stiftung and consisting of two blocks. The first block will be about “Climate Change and Society,” while the second block will be devoted to “Open Science and Science Communication.”

The session “Climate & Society” with experts from the natural and social sciences as well as politics will highlight interactions between climate change and society. This session will allow the participants to engage in discussions on the highly complex interplay of climate, society, and governance.

The second session, “Open Science and Science Communication,” will take place with speakers from different fields of science, journalism, and projects that promote science communication. The aim of this session is to discuss what can be done to communicate and promote science better to the general public, especially in light of the growing public scepticism towards science and scientists, and point out the scientists’ role in this context.

In-depth discussions during both sessions ensure that the participants increase their understanding of these complex and evolving issues, and help them develop solutions and approaches.

About the conference

On September 29, “Visions in Science” will start with the “3rd Max Planck Career Fair” for doctoral researchers and post-docs, organized by members of PhDnet. The main conference takes place from the afternoon of September 29 through October 1 under the title “Discover New Perspectives.” This year’s focus will be on the dynamics and changes which are an integral part of many fields of research. In addition, science as a whole is constantly evolving due to technological progress and newly arising research questions. World-renowned speakers from different disciplines are invited to discuss with the participants so they can take up new perspectives on the issues of an ever-evolving field, helping them to produce future-oriented interdisciplinary visions and solutions. Interactive and innovative conference formats such as a science slam and a creative poster session challenge the participants to present their research in new ways and to compete in the art of science communication.

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