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Science & Society Sessions

New perspectives in the natural sciences or life sciences

Science & Society Sessions

New perspectives in the natural sciences or life sciences

The Science & Society Sessions are based on the observation that modern science has a growing impact on our lives, and that this is increasingly perceived so by the public. As a result, scientists are required to reflect more deeply on the consequences of their work and how to communicate their work to the public.

The Schering Stiftung therefore supports Science & Society Sessions that include sociological, philosophical, ethical or artistic perspectives into conference in the natural sciences or life sciences?  Science & Society Sessions seek to inspire discussions that may help scientists gain a new perspective on their work and its public image and that may lead to novel interdisciplinary collaborations.

Events in this series

On Display

Symposium — September 25 – September 28, 2018
The interdisciplinary art project "On Display - An Artistic View on Computational Neuroscience” features a new piece by Yutaka Makino that questions the human perception we take for granted.

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Methods of an Embodied Mind

Symposium — July 05, 2018
On the occasion of the neuroscientific conference ENCODS 2018, this Science & Society Session will investigate the theme of embodied cognition as it relates to virtual reality, dance, mental illness, and music.

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Science Communication and Ethical Aspects of Today’s Research

Conference — June 27 – June 29, 2018
To promote interdisciplinary networking, a symposium titled “Infection Biology for the 21st Century: Today’s Giants Meet Tomorrow’s Leaders” will be held in Berlin in June 2018 with a Science & Society Session.

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Big Data Means Big Responsibility

Conference — March 11, 2018
The digitalization of medicine is making big strides. The integration of previously distinct areas aims to improve prognosis, early prevention, and customization, and to broaden participation.

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6th Max Planck “Visions in Science” Conference

Symposium — September 29, 2017
The session “Climate & Society” with experts from the natural and social sciences as well as politics will highlight interactions between climate change and society.

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BacNet17 Conference

Symposium — September 09, 2017
The BacNet is one of the most important science conferences: Every two years, it brings together leading representatives from the fields of molecular microbiology, systems biology from Europe and beyond.

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Ethical Dimensions in Clinical Trials

Symposium — October 24, 2016
Poverty-related diseases and neglected tropical diseases continue to cause major health problems with enormous social consequences. New strategies and research approaches to fight these diseases are urgently required.

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Pneumonia – A Common Disease

Symposium — September 16, 2016
Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is one of the most common diseases and in the same league as heart attacks or strokes. This topic is the focus of a public Science & Society Session “Community-Acquired Pneumonia.”

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The Future of Life Is Synthetic: The Promises of Xenobiology

Symposium — May 25, 2016
Synthetic biology has been heralded as an exciting new field which will allow a deeper knowledge on how living systems “work.”

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Symposium “Art and Neuroscience in Dialogue”

Symposium — April 29, 2016
On the occasion of the Biennale di Venizia the Association of Neuroesthetics, Berlin (AoN) organizes an interdisciplinary symposium between art and neuroscience.

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BacNet15 Conference

Symposium — May 09, 2015
The biennial Bacterial Networks Conference (BacNet) has developed into one of Europe’s most important scientific conferences, bringing together leading European and international representatives from different fields.

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Hunger and Affluence

Symposium — March 03, 2015
The Science & Society Session “Hunger and Affluence” invites a group of eight artists and cultural scientists to participate in four public events.

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Stem Cells as an Opportunity – Reality and Perspectives

Symposium — November 05, 2014
Cancer and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are on the rise worldwide. Stem cell research raises high hopes among patients, but where does it stand today?

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The European Molecular Biology Laboratory - PhD Symposium in Heidelberg

Symposium — October 23, 2014
18.09.2014, Berlin/ Heidelberg | The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) will be hosting its 16th annual international PhD Symposium in Heidelberg from October 23 to 25.

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Fight Rheumatic Diseases: Annual Meeting of the European Training Network OSTEOIMMUNE

Symposium — August 30 – September 03, 2014
OSTEOIMMUNE is a European supra-disciplinary training network providing comprehensive, structured and coherent training.

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Emotional Neuroscience?

Symposium — August 29, 2014
The conference focuses on the latest neuroscience research findings in the field of addictive disorders and schizophrenia.

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Neuroscience and Society

Symposium — August 04, 2014
On August 4 – 29, 2014, the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies will host the 19th edition of the long-standing summer school “Advanced Course in Computational Neuroscience (ACCN)."

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Engineering Life? Responsible Research and the Limits of Design

Symposium — June 23, 2014
What is required for responsible research and innovation (RRI) in the field of Synthetic Biology?

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