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Big Data Means Big Responsibility

The Use of Data in the Healthcare Sector

Big Data Means Big Responsibility

The Use of Data in the Healthcare Sector


March 11, 2018, 6:30 p.m.


Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Hörsäle Medizin – Kleiner Hörsaal
Ulmenweg 18
91054 Erlangen

The session is open to the public.
Registration is not required.

The digitalization of medicine is making big strides. The integration of previously distinct areas (clinical data, lifestyle data, genomic data, etc.) aims to improve prognosis, early prevention, and customization, and to broaden participation. To this end, biomedical, biostatistical, and bioinformatics technologies are systematically integrated. What are the opportunities and challenges of the digitalization of the healthcare sector – especially with regard to social ethics and social law? 

From the perspective of social ethics and social law, urgent questions arise both in terms of the individual and how society shapes the health sector. While ethical and legal principles require that data are transparent and collected and used only for specific purposes (data minimization), big-data-driven medicine aims to collect, process and use as many and varied data as possible.

But what does this mean for established ethical and legal principles such as, for example, the principle of data minimization, the right to ignorance, and especially informational self-determination? Or to put it differently, in times of self-learning and globally connected systems, how can the right to informational self-determination be applied so as to guarantee individual protection? Will it be enough to modify previous models of consent to find a solution to these problems? What ethical norms and socio-political interests should be prioritized when it comes to regulatory issues and requirements?

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