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Photo: Sabrina Rossetto



Can we deal with our lives and this (mostly complicated) world in different ways than usual? Could this be where happiness lies?

The WUNDERKAMMER series of events combines music, science, and philosophy with a somewhat different view of the world, starting from selected everyday phenomena. The mirror cabinets of the historical Wunderkammern (cabinets of curiosities, or cabinets of wonder) offer us a productive, sensory echo chamber where today’s experiences are related to and resonate with figures of thought from ancient and Renaissance times.

The cabinets of wonder ca. 1600 – the precursors of today’s museums – presented their frequently bizarre exhibits from art, crafts, nature, and science in a holistic “world context” that is often missing today. Taking this as their inspiration, the Neuköllner Oper creates its own, new WUNDERKAMMERN, bringing together a curious audience with experts from music, science, and art.

WUNDERKAMMER wants to play with new perspectives and ways of looking at things, create shared spaces of experience and thus open up new access to knowledge. In each of the four planned events, selected musicians and experts from different scientific disciplines will be gathered around a thematic focus. The moderated talks will combine facts and insights of the experts with sensual experience, among other things through live music, and in this way open up new perspectives.

The WUNDERKAMMER series kicked off with two programs in the fall of 2019. Due to its success, a new series featuring four programs will be held in cooperation with and with support from the Schering Stiftung.

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Events in this series


Dialogue — October 16, 2023
An investigation in words and music from West and East

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Dialogue — June 15 – June 17, 2023
A summer evening in an unusual echo chamber: an oriental garden.

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The immortal man, or:
The End of Wonders

Dialogue — March 29 and 30, 2023, 7 p.m.
Hasn't it always been a dream of mankind to escape its own limitations? An evening about the relationship between technical-scientific feasibility, ethics and faith.

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WUNDERKAMMER: Seeing Animals

Dialogue — February 06 – February 07, 2023
What are humans without animals? What do animals see, and what do they see in us?

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WUNDERKAMMER: World Without Images?

Dialogue — November 11 – November 12, 2022
What if we looked at our world, which is dominated by the dictate of the visual, from the perspective of blindness?

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Revival – WUNDERKAMMER: Mushrooms

Dialogue — September 29 – October 01, 2022
Whatever you though about mushrooms: mushrooms and humans are an inseparable team.

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WUNDERKAMMER: Longing for Beauty

Dialogue — July 07 – July 08, 2022
A summer evening in an unusual echo chamber: an oriental garden.

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WUNDERKAMMER: Music in the head

Dialogue — May 10, 2022
The theater hall becomes an experiential space which makes visible brain activities during and through music and converts measurement data back into music and images.

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WUNDERKAMMER: The Marvel of the Human Body

Dialogue — November 12, 2021
An invitation to a blind date – with the most important partner: our body and our mind.

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Panel discussion — September 09 – September 11, 2021
Whatever you though about mushrooms: mushrooms and humans are an inseparable team.

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Aus der Presse 

"Die Neuköllner Kunstkammer [sic] ist ein wissenschaftlich-musikalisches Labor und in dieser Eigenschaft ein poetisches Kleinod der Erkenntnis."

Katja Kollmann: “Von Fürsten, Pilzen und Tibetern”, in: taz vom 10.11.2022


In Cooperation with Neuköllner Oper

Neuköllner Oper

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