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Photo: TissUse GmbH Berlin


Photo: TissUse GmbH Berlin


The IRI Life Sciences at HU Berlin will host a lecture by Thi-Phuong Tao on “Multi-organ-chip technology: a novel approach to predictive substance testing.” In her lecture, the scientist presents a “multi-organ-chip” platform, which makes it possible for the first time to conduct a pre-clinical and systemic safety and efficiency evaluation of substances by combining them with different human tissues. This platform was developed by the biotechnology company TissUse GmbH Berlin, a spin-off of the TU Berlin, which also works on connecting all important organs on one chip. The development of disease models on such chips is envisioned to lead to so-called “on-chip patients,” which will be used to evaluate new drugs prior to treating real patients and to drastically reduce animal testing. The lecture is part of the IRI-Schering Colloquium on “Organoids – Life in 3D,” which the IRI Life Sciences offers during the 2018 summer term.


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