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Die Debatte

Fakten, Forschung, Positionen

Die Debatte

Fakten, Forschung, Positionen

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The platform „The Debate”
Science crucially contributes to the development of our society. In the public perception, however, it not only represents progress but is often seen as a threat to human safety and security. The more science changes the conditions of life in ways that are tangible to everyone, the more it needs to engage in a constructive dialogue with society. To enable citizens to participate in this discussion, it takes a solid general education in the sciences and an understanding of scientific research.

The initiative Wissenschaft im Dialog (Science in Dialogue), the Science Media Center Germany, and the Technische Universität Braunschweig have launched the platform “The Debate.” It offers a space for discussing controversial science topics and scientific perspectives on socially relevant and much-debated topics. This takes place in the form of live debates, factual videos, multimedia information tools, and interviews. The Schering Stiftung is pleased to be able to support the platform “The Debate.”


Panel discussion — June 13, 2019

Wie wirkt Cannabis genau? Welche Gründe sprechen für oder gegen eine Legalisierung? Wie müssen Nutzen und Risiken abgewogen werden und was sind die Ergebnisse wissenschaftlicher Studien zum Cannabiskonsum?

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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Panel discussion — March 18, 2019

But what is the current state of Artifical Intelligence in medicine? Where can machine learning and big data support doctors and where can AI even be more successful?

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Geoengineering – Manipulating the Climate

Panel discussion — November 28, 2018

The idea of artificially manipulating the climate is not new. But how far has the technology evolved? Is it ethical to experiment with our climate, or are there limits to research?

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The Debate "Intelligence"

Panel discussion — September 20, 2018

Liegt Intelligenz in den Genen? Oder machen uns erst die richtigen Umweltbedingungen schlau? Und kann ein IQ-Wert wirklich bestimmen, wie intelligent wir sind?

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The Debate: Plastic Waste – A Global Problem

Event — July 01, 2018

Plastic has become a fixture of our everyday lives – and a serious ecological problem. Started on July 1, 2018, the online platform “The Debate” explains and discusses this issue.

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Does Housing Make You Poor? Keeping Rents Affordable

Panel discussion — May 31, 2018

What will the future development of the housing market look like? Will prices continue to rise or are we in the midst of a speculative bubble? Join us for discussion!

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What to Do When Kidneys, Livers and Hearts Are Getting Scarce?

Panel discussion — March 23, 2018

What are the reasons for people’s reluctance to donate organs? Is it due to a lack of education or trust in the system? Will new incentive systems increase people’s willingness to donate? Join us for the discussion!

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Digital Childhood – The Earlier, the Better?

Panel discussion — February 08, 2018

Smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles – children are confronted with digital media at an increasingly early age and on a daily basis. Join us for a discussion about the consequences of this development!

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Gene editing: On the way to the super plant?

Panel discussion — November 01, 2017

More productive plants to combat the hunger in the world? Plants that protect themselves against insects? Robust plant types that defy climate change?

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Opinion Polling in Crisis

Panel discussion — August 31, 2017

Is opinion polling in crisis? Or is it more powerful than ever in influencing our voting decisions?

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Self-Driving Cars

Panel discussion — May 19, 2017

Fake news, alternative facts, conspiracy theories – the public debate on many topics challenges or ignores scientifically proven facts.

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Pressemitteilung: Diskussionsforum
„Die Debatte“ bringt Bürger und Wissenschaftler in den Austausch über kontroverse Themen der Forschung

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