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New means of communication

New means of communication
Photo: Vanessa Farfán

Atelier photo Vanessa Farfán

Atelier photo Vanessa Farfán
Photo: Lena Vorholt

Atelier photo Vanessa Farfán

Atelier photo Vanessa Farfán
Photo: Lena Vorholt

Max – Artists in Residence

Art encounters at school

Max – Artists in Residence

Art encounters at school


January 01 – December 31, 2020

The program Max – Artists in Residence at Primary Schools, inititated by Stiftung Brandenburger Tor and awarded the Future Prize for Cultural Education 2018 – THE OLYMP! of the Kulturstiftung der Länder and the Deutsche Bank Foundation, enables artists* from the most diverse genres to set up their studios in a primary school for at least two years. An atmosphere of mutual inspiration makes the joint artistic process possible, because this is where the work on one’s own work meets the encounter with teachers and students. The studio as a space within the school in demarcation to the classroom provides impulses for the integration of aesthetic education in everyday school life.

Artists initiate open educational processes through continuous, collective work with the students in the studio. They make new learning experiences in their everyday school life, freed from the pressure to perform and evaluation. For the teachers and students, the studio becomes an inner-school space for experiencing artistic work processes. New ways of researching, learning and exploring are opened up. In this way, aesthetic education can be experienced in the context of the school. Beyond the subject lessons, artistic working and thinking processes are stimulated and presented in an exhibition at the end of the school year. The work in the studio and the exchange of ideas with all those involved provide impulses to promote the cultural development of the school.

In 2020, the Schering Stiftung supports the artists’ residence of Vanessa Farfán at the Carl Humann Elementary School in Prenzlauer Berg.

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Artist talk — February 12, 2021

How can school and artistic work be brought together?

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The artist 

The artist Vanessa Farfán deals with the effects of digitalization on human cognitive processes. This year's focus will be on the influence of digital communication on the perception of physical space. With the students, not only will the experiments with light and shadow be continued, but the spatial possibilities of these elements will also be investigated. Vanessa Farfán is a second year scholarship holder at Max.



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