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Eddie Flitzefuß in the Hospital

Eddie Flitzefuß in the Hospital

27.04.2012, Berlin | Nobody likes to stay in the hospital. Especially not children who often don’t even understand why they have to remain in the hospital and what happens to them there. The doctors and nurses are strangers, the medical examination equipment often seems scary, and, after all, nothing beats being at home with one’s family.
With that in mind, Milly Orthen and Ursula Meisinger, the photographers of the Children’s Hospital in Munich-Schwabing, have designed a children’s book with the goal of helping children be more relaxed during their hospital stay and taking away their fear of medical examination equipment and therapies. The book will be published on May 3, 2012.

For the book, photographs were taken of all the wards of the Children’s Hospital. papan, a Munich-based artist, then used these photographs as a basis for his illustrations of the story of Eddie Flitzefuß – a sick squirrel that is taken to the hospital by his friends Lenni and Rosina so that he will get well again. Milly Orthen and Ursula Meisinger have come up with the story to explain, in a child-focused and sensitive way, what happens in the different hospital wards.

Starting on May 4, 2012, the photographs that form the basis for the book’s illustrations will be on display as part of a long-term exhibition on the ground floor of the Children’s Hospital.

The Schering Stiftung has gladly supported the project, because it offers a unique way to help children find their bearings in the foreign world that is the hospital. The book gives them courage and brings a little bit of joy into their hospital stay.

Photo Exhibition

As of May 4, 2012
Children’s Hospital Munich-Schwabing
Clinic for Child and Adolescent Medicine
Ground floor, to the right
Parzivalstrasse 16
D-80804 Munich


Photo: copyright papan, from “Eddie Flitzefuß im Krankenhaus” (Eddie Flitzefuß in the Hospital), by papan, Milly Orthen, and Ursula Meisinger.

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