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UniStem Day – European Stem Cell Day

UniStem Day – European Stem Cell Day


March 11, 2016

16.02.2016, Berlin | On March 11, 2016, the UniStem Day, a European-wide action day for high school students, will take place in Berlin-Buch. Through lectures, interactive experiments, guided lab tours as well as a host of other events, scientists will shed light on stem cell research. Topics include basic research and its fields of application as well as ethical reflections and professional perspectives. As standard school curriculums rarely include stem cell research, the UniStem Day aims to get students interested in, and teach them about, the current state and potential of stem cell research.

The Schering Stiftung supports the project, since it provides students with insights into a young and rapidly changing field of scientific research. They get to know the topic through modern and attractive means of knowledge communication. The close contact with researchers and their institutions makes it possible for the young people to gain a personal appreciation of this controversial research field and inspires them to take a closer look both at the topic and into the job profile of scientific researcher.

For an overview of the UniStem Day program in Berlin, please click here.

Events and activities in other cities can be viewed here.

For registration information, please consult the relevant program pages.

The activities of UniStem Day in Germany have been initiated and are centrally coordinated by the German Stem Cell Network. Locations across Germany develop their own program and invite local schools, interested students, students majoring in biology and philosophy/ethics as well as university students of the life sciences to visit the host institution or university on UniStemDay and enter into a dialogue with the participating scientists.

They thus participate in the European UniStem Day, which has been held at universities and research institutes in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Sweden since 2009.


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