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Science in the Dinosaur Hall

the fascinating world of science

Science in the Dinosaur Hall

the fascinating world of science


Museum für Naturkunde
Invalidenstraße 43
10115 Berlin

The lectures start at 7:30 p.m.
Language: German
Admission starts at 7:00 p.m. | Duration: 45 minutes
Free admission

How does my internal clock determine my daily rhythm? What is living in the deep sea? Can plants communicate? These and many other questions will be answered by scientists from disciplines as different as marine biology, ecology, chronobiology, and psychology in a lecture series entitled “Science in the Dinosaur Hall” at the Natural History Museum in Berlin. They will take us into foreign worlds, solve mysteries of nature, and vividly explain abstract phenomena.

The lecture series “Science in the Dinosaur Hall” is co-organized by Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, the Natural History Museum in Berlin, and the Schering Stiftung. Together, we invite you to eight evening lectures in the Dinosaur Hall, which will take you into the fascinating world of science. Following the lectures, you will have the opportunity for an exclusive visit to the museum until 10 p.m.

Events in this series

Genetic Engineering and Agricultural Development

Lecture — December 14, 2017
Agricultural economist Matin Qaim elaborates on genetic engineering and agricultural development.

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Empty Oceans or Wild Life? The Global Ocean in the 21st Century

Lecture — December 14, 2017
Marine biologist Boris Worm elaborates on overfishing and talks about possible alternatives.

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First I Eat Mine, Then We Share Yours: Famines Today

Lecture — December 14, 2017
Agricultural economist Joachim von Braun elaborates on famines today.

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Man and Microbe – Foe and Friend

Lecture — December 14, 2017
Immunology Stefan Kaufmann elaborates on epidemics and microbiome.

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How Insects Have Bred Flowers

Lecture — December 08, 2017
Botanist Susanne Renner elaborates on the importance of insects for flower diversity.

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Playful Hogs and the Science of Animal Welfare

Lecture — November 10, 2017
Veterinary scientist Matthias Gauly elaborates on changes in (farm) animal husbandry.

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Why We Eat What We Eat

Lecture — October 20, 2017
Health psychologist Britta Renner elaborates on explicit and implicit control mechanisms of nutritional behavior.

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Food between Technology and Transcendence

Lecture — March 14, 2017
Nutrition and food researcher Hannelore Daniel elaborates on food between technology and transcendence.

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Behavioral Sciences – The Art of Making Decisions

Lecture — December 09, 2016
Behavioral psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer elaborates on the art of making decisions.

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How Plants Communicate

Lecture — November 11, 2016
The ecologist Wolfgang W. Weisser elaborates on the importance of biodiversity.

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Principles of Nature and Biomimicry

Lecture — October 14, 2016
Biomechanics researcher and biomaterials expert Stanislav Gorb elaborates on principles of nature and biomimicry.

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Species Diversity and the Evolution of Madagascar’s Endemic Vertebrates

Lecture — September 09, 2016
Evolutionary biologist Miguel Vences elaborates on species diversity and the evolution of madagascar’s endemic vertebrates.

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The Rhythm of Life: How Our Internal Clock Governs Our Daily Rhythm

Lecture — April 08, 2016
Chronobiologist Achim Kramer elaborates on the internal clock and our daily rhythm.

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Die Entdeckung der Tiefseen - Forschungsfragen zu fremden Lebenswelten

Lecture — March 11, 2016
Die Meeresbiologin Antje Boetius beschäftigt sich mit drängenden Fragen zu Veränderungen der Meeresumwelt und Nutzungskonzepten.

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Berlin Celebrates Darwin

Lecture — February 12, 2016
Different scholars elaborate on (Im-)Mortality and the Meaning of Life and Death in Relation to the Theory of Evolution.

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What Science Can Do for Berlin’s Future

Lecture — January 08, 2016
Journalist Sebastian Turner will talk about what science can do for Berlin's future.

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Die Ausstellung/Veranstaltung wird in Kooperation mit folgenden Partnern realisiert:

Museum für Naturkunder Berlin
Humboldt-Universität Berlin

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